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Reproduced from the TLS Data Sheet

Mineral Modal Abundance
Plagioclase 35.4
Pyroxene 23.5
Ilmenite 14.5
Glass 20

Bulk Chemistry

Reproduced from the TLS Data Sheet

Oxide Wt. %
Al2O3 13.6
CaO 11.9
Cr2O3 0.3
FeO Total
K2O 0.16
MgO 7.8
Na2O 0.47
P2O5 0.05
SiO2 42.2
TiO2 7.8

Physical Properties

Reproduced from the TLS Data Sheet

Property Value
Particle Density (g/cm3) 1.065
Cohesion 3.05
Internal friction angle 29

Thailand Lunar Simulant

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Simulant Name: TLS-01 Thailand Lunar Simulant
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Basic
Developed By: SPACEZAB
Available From: SPACEZAB (

The Thailand Lunar Simulant (TLS) is a lunar surface environment simulant produced by the SPACEZAB company as a tool for researching and developing lunar technologies. An online reference describes how it was sourced from a basalt quarry in Chanthaburi province, and that the chemistry of this basalt is a suitable analog for lunar mare samples returned by Apollo. The basalt was then processed using a Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, and sieved to remove the <15 mm size fraction to use as the simulant.