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Simulant variety Material
SSC-1 Quartz
SSC-2 Garnet (GMA Garnet Group)

Bulk Chemistry

No data available

Physical Properties

Property SSC-1 SSC-2
Grain size 63 μm-1.3 mm 30-90 μm
Friction angle (deg) 39.44-43.97 40.94-43.34
Cohesion (Pa) 617-907 1022-2247

SSC-1/2 Surrey Space Centre

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Simulant Name: SSC-1/2 Surrey Space Centre simualnts
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Basic
Developed By: Surrey Space Centre
Available From: N/A
Publications: Scott, G. P. and C. M. Saaj (2012), The development of a soil trafficability model for legged vehicles on granular soils. Journal of Terramechanics, 48, 419-438.

The SSC-1 and SSC-2 simulants are two basic simulants developed by the Surrey Space Centre in the United Kingdom to test a trafficability model for legged vehicles. SSC-1 was made of a quartz sand, and SSC-2 was made of a garnet sand.

The source materials may still be available from commercial suppliers so that other users could reproduce the same geotechnical properties of the simulants.


Photographs of SSC-1 (left) and SSC-2 (right) from Scott and Saaj 2012