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Mineral Abundance
Goethtie ?
Hematite ?
Maghemite ?

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 16.10
TiO2 0.29
Al2O3 3.20
FeO 1.46
Fe2O3 60.46
Mn3O4 1.66
MgO 0.16
CaO 0.20
Na2O 0.19
K2O 0.52
P2O5 0.47
Volatiles 14.43
Total 99.15

Physical Properties

Property Value
Mean grain size 1 μm
Bulk density 1.1 g/cm3

Salten Skov 1

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Simulant Name: Salten Skov 1
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Specialty
Developed By: Mars Simulation Laboratory, University of Aarhus
Available From: N/A
Publications: Nørnberg, P. et al. (2009), Salten Skov 1: A Martian magnetic dust analogue. Planetary and Space Science 57, 628-631.

Salten Skov 1 is a simulant specifically sourced to match the magnetic properties of martian dust. It was sampled from a layer of “top soil” in Mid-Jutland, Denmark. The material consists mostly of crystalline iron oxides (goethite, hematite and maghemite). It is thought that some or most of these originated as ferrihydrite precipitated from groundwater that later crystallized.

It is not clear how much material was sampled, or if this simulant ever became widely used or distributed. Its current status is unknown.


Photograph of the Salten Skov 1 simulant: