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Mineralogy information can be found in separate listings for OPR’s lunar Highland simulants (OPRH2N/H2W/H3N/H3W) and Mare simulants (OPRL2N/L2W).

Bulk Chemistry

OPRFLCROSS1 is based on the data gathered from the LCROSS impact. Note: The SO2 and OH components are not being included in the initial development for safety reasons, but all nine are planned for inclusion in the final version of FLCROSS1.

Table 2 from Colaprete et al. Relative abundances of ice constituents. The uncertainty in each derived abundance is shown in parenthesis.

Compound Molecules cm-2 % Relative to H2O(g)
H2O 5.1(1.4)E19 100.00%
H2S 8.5(0.9)E18 16.75%
NH3 3.1(1.5)E18 6.03%
SO2 1.6(0.4)E18 3.19%
C2H4 1.6(1.7)E18 3.12%
CO2 1.1(1.0)E18 2.17%
CH3OH 7.8(42)E17 1.55%
CH4 3.3(3.0)E17 0.65%
OH 1.7(0.4)E16 0.03%

Off Planet Research OPRFLCROSS1 Lunar Ice Simulant

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Simulant Name: OPRFLCROSS1 Lunar Ice Simulant
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Specialty
Developed By: Off Planet Research, LLC
Available From: Off Planet Research, LLC
Publications: N/A

OPRFLCROSS1 is currently being developed by Off Planet Research, LLC as a lunar ice simulant. The base of the simulant is OPR’s lunar Highland or Mare regolith simulants which are made from a combination of Shawmere anorthosite and basalt from the San Francisco formation. Separate listings for OPR’s lunar regolith simulants can be found on the main Planetary Simulant Database page. The ice components are then added to the cooled regolith simulant using several methods to mimic the possible physical natures of lunar ice in the polar regions.

The primary objective of OPR’s lunar ice simulants is to help understand how the presence of this ice will change the mechanical characteristics of the regolith and how this valuable resource can be extracted and processed, but it can also be used in many other avenues of research.
OPRFLCROSS1 is the first ice simulant under development and is based on the data gathered from the LCROSS data. Seven of the nine components listed in Table 2 from Colaprete et al. are being used in the initial development with all nine planned for inclusion in the final version of FLCROSS1.

Future versions will be developed based on current and future lunar ice data.

Because OPR crushes their regolith material using specialized equipment, custom regolith simulants can be developed based on known landing site compositions and particle size distributions. The same customization also applies to the lunar ice components.
OPR lunar ice simulants are currently in development, but their lunar regolith simulants are available.


Photograph of gas components being added to frozen Highland regolith simulant made by OPR

Photograph of gas components being added to frozen Mare regolith simulant made by OPR