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No data available

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 48.3
TiO2 0.03
Al2O3 32.4
FeO 0.45
MgO 0.15
CaO 16.0
Na2O 2.42
K2O 0.06
Total 100.43

Physical Properties

No data available

MLS-2 Minnesota Lunar Simulant

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Simulant Name: MLS-2
Availability: Not Available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: University of Minnesota
Available From: N/A
Publications: Weiblen, P. W., and K. Gordon (1988), Characteristics of a Simulant for Lunar Surface Materials. Second Conference on Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, p.254.

Miller, J. et al. (2009), Lunar soil as shielding against space radiation. Radiation Measurements, 44, 163-167.

MLS-2 was developed as a highlands simulant by grinding up an anorthosite from the Duluth Gabbro Complex. As with MLS-1/1P, there is little data available for this simulant and it is probably no longer available. Some sources state that only small quantities were made as a prototype.