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Material Abundance
Basalt 100

Bulk Chemistry

No data available

Physical Properties

Property Value
Minimum density 1.47 g/cm3
Maximum density 1.90 g/cm3
Internal friction angle 39°
Cohesion 14 kPa

Maryland-Sanders Lunar Simulant

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Simulant Name: Maryland-Sanders Lunar Simulant
Availability: Not available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: University of Maryland
Available From: N/A
Publications: Goodings, D. J., and C. P. Lin (1995), Geotechnical Properties of the Maryland-Sanders Lunar Simulant. Geotechnical Testing Journal, 18, 286-291.

The Maryland-Sanders lunar simulant is a geotechnical simulant made of basalt that was purchased from the Vulcan Materials Quarry in Sanders, VA. The raw material was ground to a silty-sand mean particle size and measured for a variety of geotechnical properties.

It does not appear that this simulant was ever widely distributed or produced, and it is likely no longer available.