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There are some data for mineralogy of the analog soils given in Peeters et al. (2009) for different geographic locations.

Bulk Chemistry

No data available

Physical Properties

Angle of friction: 38°
Cohesion: 0.49 kPa
Dry density: 1840 kg/m3

Mars PJ Peruvian Mars Analog

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Simulant Name: Mars PJ Peruvian Mars Analog
Availability: Not available
Fidelity: Basic
Developed By: N/A
Available From: N/A
Publications: Peeters, Z. et al. (2009), Mars Habitability on planetary surfaces: interdisciplinary preparation phase for future Mars missions. International Journal of Astrobiology, 8, 301–315.
Valdivia-Silva, J. E. et al. (2011), Multidisciplinary approach of the hyperarid desert of Pampas de La Joya in southern Peru as a new Mars-like soil analog. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75, 1975-1991.

The Mars PJ Peruvian Mars Analog is more properly described as an analog soil than a true simulant, but because it has been given a name it is included in the database. The soil is from a Mars analog location in a desert environment in Pampas de La Joya in southern Peru. The analog soil is described in two different papers listed above.