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Mineral Wt.%
Plagioclase 48.9
Olivine 31.0
Pyroxene 14.2
Magnetite 5.8

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 45.40
TiO2 1.8
Al2O3 21.86
Cr2O3 0.06
FeO + Fe2O3 12.51
MnO 0.11
MgO 3.41
CaO 9.17
Na2O 2.74
K2O 2.12
P2O5 0.54
SO3 0.03
Total 99.74

Physical Properties

No data available

KMS-1 Korea Mars Simulant

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Simulant Name: KMS-1 Korea Mars Simulant
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Basic
Developed By: Hanyang University
Available From: N/A
Publications: Lee, T. S. In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Construction Technology for Moon and Mars. International MoonBase Summit.

KMS-1 is a Mars simulant developed at Hanyang University. It is made from a basalt mined at the riverside of Hantangang River in Yeoncheon-gun in Korea. Aside from a single slide on a powerpoint presentation linked above, there is no documentation or other details of this simulant. Its current status or any future production are unclear.