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Engelschiøn et al. provide a normative mineralogy for the basalt used in the simulant.

Component wt.%
Basalt 100%

Bulk Chemistry

Engelschiøn et al. provide EDX spot measurements from the parent basalt, but not whole rock chemistry.

Physical Properties

Property Value
Median grain size 11 μm
Bulk density 1.45g/cm3
Grain density 2.90g/cm3
Cohesion 0.38kPa

EAC-1 European Astronaut Center

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Simulant Name: EAC-1 European Astronaut Center
Availability: May Be Available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: European Space Agency
Available From: N/A
Publications: Engelschiøn, V. S. et al. (2020), EAC-1A: A novel large-volume lunar regolith simulant. Scientific Reports 10, 5473

EAC-1 is sourced from a basantie province in the Siebengebirge Volcanic Field in Germany. It is meant to be used for large-scale testing and technology maturation at the European Astronaut Center, specifically the European Lunar Exploration Laboratory (LUNA). The source material comes in five different size ranges, and a coarser, dust-free version will be used for the main regolith testbed at EAC, with a separate dust chamber filled with EAC-1A.

Engelschiøn et al. state that “where the properties of the dusty simulant have been measured, the figures are labelled with “EAC-1A”” to separate it from the base material which is simply called EAC-1. With a median particle size of 11 μm, EAC-1A is best considered as a dust simulant.

It isn't clear how much simulant has been produced or what the availability is.


Photographs of the EAC-1 simulant: