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The crystalline mineralogy of CSM-LHT-1 is dominated by plagioclase, with minor pyroxene and olivine.

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 49.10
TiO2 0.51
Al2O3 25.97
Fe2O3 4.24
MnO 0.07
MgO 3.05
CaO 13.58
Na2O 2.42
K2O 0.39
P2O5 0.20

Physical Properties

CSM-LHT-1 has a mean particle diameter is 122.0±2.1 compared to a range of 101–268 for Apollo 16 highlands soils.

Colorado School of Mines CSM-LHT-1

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Simulant Name: CSM-LHT-1 Lunar Highlands Type
Availability: Available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: Colorado School of Mines
Available From: In transition; contact Kevin Cannon for details.

The CSM-LHT-1 simulant has been developed by Colorado School of Mines as a highly affordable but also high-quality lunar highlands simulant appropriate for generic highlands terrains on the Moon, including the poles. It is made from a mix of anorthosite and mafic feedstocks. Unlike other recent highlands simulants that use Greenspar250 (an anorthosite with no particles >250 μm), CSM-LHT-1 has a correct particle size distribution that mimics Apollo soils. The ingredients are milled together at the same time, ensuring an exceptionally well-mixed and homogeneous final product.