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Colorado School of Mines CSM-LHT-1

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Simulant Name: CSM-LHT-1 Lunar Highlands Type
Availability: Available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: Colorado School of Mines
Available From: Simulants at Mines

The CSM-LHT-1 simulant is being developed as a highly affordable but also high-quality lunar highlands simulant appropriate for generic highlands terrains on the Moon, including the poles. It is made from a mix of anorthosite and mafic feedstocks. Unlike other recent highlands simulants that use Greenspar250 (an anorthosite with no particles >250 μm), CSM-LHT-1 has a correct particle size distribution that mimics Apollo soils.

More data will be available soon as part of the Regolith Simulant Report Card effort, including mineralogy (from actual analyses, not an assumed mineralogy), bulk chemistry, particle size & shape analysis, grain density, magnetic susceptibility, and more.

Refinement and testing are wrapping up before the simulant becomes more widely available for $3/kg.