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Mineral Wt.%
Olivine 33.7
Pyroxene 31.6
Magnetite 14.3
Antigorite 9.2
Iron metal 4.6
Pyrite 4.1
Sub-bituminous coal 2.0
Nickel metal 0.5

Bulk Chemistry

Oxide Wt.%
SiO2 19.3
TiO2 0.4
Al2O3 1.2
Cr2O3 0.1
FeOT 42.9
MgO 30.1
CaO 0.8
Na2O 3.3
K2O 0.1
P2O5 0.4
SO3 0.9
Cl 0.0
Total 99.8

Physical Properties

No data available

UCF/DSI CR Carbonaceous Chondrite Simulant

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Simulant Name: UCF/DSI CR Carbonaceous Chondrite Simulant
Availability: Not Available
Fidelity: Standard
Developed By: UCF & Deep Space Industries
Available From: N/A
Spec Sheet: CR Spec Sheet
Publications: Britt et al. 2019, Simulated asteroid materials based on carbonaceous chondrite mineralogies

The UCF/DSI CR Carbonaceous Chondrite Simulant is a general purpose asteroid regolith simulant based on the CR group of carbonaceous chondrites. Because there is significant variety in the mineralogy of CR’s, the simulant is based on an average of modal mineralogies.

To produce the simulant, individual mineral components are sourced and prepared, then mixed together with water and sodium metasilicate that acts as a binder. The resulting mixture is dried to remove the water, then mechanically ground in a rock crusher to achieve the desired particle size distribution.

The simulant was produced as part of a NASA SBIR grant to create realistic asteroid simulants.


Photograph of the CR simulant: